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Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd (GXG) is a leading lifestyle hair care supplier that takes a holistic approach to hair care by providing luxurious quality and healthy products through an extensive collec- tion of green, natural and organic products. We endeavor to inspire and share with all clients’ new ways to incorporate healthier choices into their everyday lives while committing to forward thinking and eco-friendly brands which care for the greater environment.


To provide all customers with the highest quality of green, natural and organic products, create the destination store for green, natural and organic products and provide a dynamic and challenging envi- ronment for our employees.


“ Natural, Pure, Eco-friendly ” – Emphasize the balance between people and nature.
As customers nowadays are well informed and perceptive about the harmful effects of chemicals used in many hair care products, GXG seeks for the highest quality of products that can well represent its position in the industry.